Covid-19 Consumer Trends: Top 10 Ideas For Starting A New Digital Business In 2022

A few businesses have steered well during the Covid-19 disruption and some have even made exponential growth. Here are the 10 ideas for a new business that are tried and tested good bets in 2021.

Post Pandemic: Cloud Adoption Needs to Be Accelerated

Authored by Nilesh Gupta, Head of CloudFirst & Edge Services, 3i Infotech We had a lot to learn around us in the last two years. We became even more close to our family and friends, celebrated new heroes outside our…

10 Emerging Trends In 2022 That Will Change Lives Forever

The last two years were too much to process but the emerging trends in 2022 might mitigate some of it. Or not! Check out for yourself. We are already a few days in 2022 and there is a lot to…

Alarming State of COVID Worldwide Denudes West Of Its Pandemic Hypocrisy

Remember when South Africa faced West’s scrutiny after alerting the world of Omicron variant? Now, West is at the helm of COVID pandemic surge and ironically, there is not much ado about anything. Highlights- U.S. registers 1 million Omicron cases…

COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Ending Anytime Soon — Its Getting Worse

It’s probably the time to change the way we look at COVID-19 outbreak. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak took hold of the world, people across the globe are eagerly waiting for life to restore to normal. However, with every passing…

India On Red Alert For Third Covid Wave

The coming months are decisive and India’s preparation appears underwhelming. Highlights — Reuters survey suggest that third wave might hit India again around October. Children under 18 years of age predicted to be at highest risk. Vaccination drive is the…

Is Work From Home Good Or Bad For Your Career

Work From Home Has Changed Employees And How More than a year has passed since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Hundreds of millions of people have endured lockdowns. The world witnessed a historic shift in the 2020…

India’s Credit Rating Moves Perilously Close To “Junk” Grade

India’s investment grade sovereign rating is now the lowest with a negative outlook from all three major global agencies – S&P, Fitch and Moody’s with warnings to downgrade as low as the “junk category”.

Biden Isn’t Keen On Hoarding Vaccines Anymore. Here’s Why

After much of the world quotes US as ‘selfish’ for not sharing surplus vaccines with the rest of the world, Biden Administration is now willing to send millions of doses overseas and coordinate with other democracies.

Treating Your Mask Like A Fashion Accessory Could Be Fatal

Masks have become more of a pandemic-approved accessory lately and less of a tool for protection against the deadly Covid-19 virus and it’s alarming due to the recent peak in cases in the second wave.