Oscars 2022 Resparked The Great Art Debate

What is art? It’s time we get into the nuts and bolts of this whole Oscar drama. All this time the narrative around the Academy awards is that it is the ultimate winner medal for art. An Oscar win is…

Superheroes At Oscars: Spider-Man’s Loss Is The Flash’s Gain

The debate regarding superheroes at the Oscars continues after The Flash Scene wins the Oscars Cheer Moment.

Oscars Hate The World’s Most Beloved Actor Keanu Reeves

Now fans think the Academy Awards have a thing against Keanu Reeves. In Hollywood, an actor is recognized either for mass fan following or great acting boasted by awards on his shelf. With Reeves, the case is quite different.  He…

Tom Holland And Kevin Feige Desperately Want An Oscar For Spider-Man

Spider-Man: No Way Home not only brought the signature villains to life but also a 2019 remark, that says Marvel movies are not ‘cinema’. The never-ending debate, of Marvel movies, aren’t actually ‘cinema’ has caught fire once again. The fire…

Oscars 2021: The Good Hits, The Bad Misses And Wrong Snubs

Here’s who lifted the Golden Statuette at Oscars 2021 and what made it different [?] The most awaited 93rd Academy Awards, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, concluded this Sunday on 25th April at 8 PM…

Wonder Woman 1984 – Gal Gadot’s Latest Is The Most Unworthy Superhero Contender For Oscar

With even the likes of ‘Dark Knight’ failing to make a mark at the Oscars, we wonder what Warner Brothers are betting at by pushing in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. Oscar season is closing in, and the studios are betting on…

Explained: How The Academy’s New Diversity Quota Endangers The Idea Of Inclusivity

Oscars’ new diversity quota is a commendable step taken by the Academy but in a long run it creates more trouble than it solves

Oscar-Bashing To Trump-Lauding: Kirstie Alley Marshals Hollywood’s Right-Wing Brigade

Responding to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ new set of inclusion requirements for award-eligible films, 69-year old actress, Kirstie Alley

Politics of Fashion at The Oscars 2020

The Oscar red carpet saw some major political statements made via the choice of garments. From Brad Pitt bashing Trump impeachment trial on stage to Syrian director Al-Kateab and actor Natalie Portman’s impeccably embroidered messages, read on … The Oscar…

Did Billy Porter Take a Dig at the Royals with His Oscar Dress

Hollywood Royalty, Billy Porter wore a custom made Giles Deacon gown inspired by Kensington Palace. An Inspiration or a DIG? Seems like yesterday that