Marvel Is Burdening Oscar Isaac With Robert Downey Jr’s Purpose

Marvel Studios’ limited series Moon Knight is the hot cake in the fandom. As the series debuted on Disney+ on April 30th fans couldn’t keep calm and the first two episodes can tell you why. Star Wars veteran Oscar Isaac…

Oscar Issac’s Moon Knight Has A James Bond Persona

Mr. Knight, the new James Bond of the MCU seems to have quite the swagger and will be a treat to watch in Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Brings Punisher To The Fold With A Post-Credit Scene

Moon Knight will continue Marvel’s streak of cameos and finally bring Frank Castle a.k.a Punisher back Oscar Issac recently revealed that his limited Disney+ Moon Knight series is going to be ‘weird’. Undoubtedly, its teaser promises the high octave action…

Midnight Sons: Marvel Assembles ‘Supernatural Avengers’

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel introduces Supernatural Avengers: The Midnight Sons. Marvel Cinematic Universe has almost 20 unannounced movies at this point. And, out of the movies that Marvel has released in the past, The Avengers…

Oscar Issac’s Moon Knight Is Thor, Deadpool And Batman Merged Together For The MCU

MCU will be introducing Moon Knight via its own Disney+ TV series with Oscar Isaac reportedly playing the famous Marvel comics character.