The Pandemic Forced Ed-Tech To Mature Before Its Time

The pandemic not only changed the traditional methods of teaching, it also spurred education technology revolution up to its competition quickly.

How Education Is Evolving

Remote education & teaching is fast becoming more prevalent due to Covid-19. Find out how the future of education might change forever.

3 Healthy Tips for Students When Working at a Computer

Online classes have given students around the world with better access to education. Whether you’re trying to juggle family commitments and job or simply prefer learning on your own schedule, it’s a great option. Even in-person classes typically assign projects…

Universities Fight For Relevance Amid A Struggle To Survive: The New Terrain In Post-Pandemic Tensions

The fountainhead of the modern world, universities, have been severely impacted by the pandemic. But even as they fight to survive, existential purpose itself is increasingly being questioned by developments fast-forwarded by the ongoing crisis.

E-Learning — A Vital Shift That Has Come Too Soon

While many educational firms are struggling to find their feet in the world pandemic situation – with offline spaces shut and a comprehensive online solution far from ready – the dependency on third-party solutions for live classes has increased tremendously.

COVID-19 Has Started A Global Educational Revolution

With the rise of online education in recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic may possibly revamp the education system across the globe.

Startup Case Study – Cost Of Byju’s Disrupting India’s Education Sector

Byju’s app and how it disrupted India’s education sector is a case study at Harvard Business School but it is not all positive for its users.

AAP’s Top 10 Education Reforms That ‘India Needs’

For years there’s been a debate about the state of India’s education system…Now… On National Education Day let’s throw light onto India’s best education reforms implemented by AAP that can potentially change the education syatem of India forever. With nearly…

Where to satisfy your curiosity on the Web

Science can strike you anywhere, at class, while traveling and even while reading this article. And the internet is the best place to keep..

The new way to get a degree is here thanks to Masterclass

If you know about online courses, you probably wish that you could have an actual degree through online courses. Your dream for an online course equal to an actual college degree is not far anymore. Masterclass co-founder is creating a…