How True Is Orange Is The New Black?

You aren’t the only one missing the binge-watching sessions of ‘Orange Is The New Black’. But, how much of the revolutionary series is a true story?

Running Out Of Queer Content, Netflix Reboots Orange Is The New Black For Season 8

In an age of reboots, Netflix plays its trump card by rebooting its flagship series Orange is the new Black, OITNB for season 8 to fill the gap of Feminism and LGBTQ+ content. In an age of reboots, Netflix plays…

Unravelling the rumours about ‘Orange Is The New Black’ mini-series spin-off. All you need to know.

Is the American prison-drama ‘Orange Is The New Black’ gearing up for a spin-off? Speculations about the spin-off started doing rounds soon after the show aired its seventh and final season on Netflix in June 2019. Highlights: Probable mini-series in…

This Is How Season 8 Of Orange Is The New Black Will Be Like

Orange Is the New Black is an adapted series from Piper Kerman’s 2010 memoir. It is based on the 13 months that