OPEC Backs Biggest Oil Production Cut Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

With oil demand taking a hit due to the massive outbreak of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, OPEC contemplates its biggest oil production cut since the global financial crisis of 2008.

ONGC builds plans to increase production in 64 marginal oil fields

The notice inviting offer allows interested companies to participate in an international competitive bidding process announced for 17 onshore

Congress asks Government plans for oil ties with Iran

Congress leader Manish Tewari on Wednesday asked the government if India will continue to import oil from Iran despite the withdrawal of waiver

Post-Elections, an Oil Nightmare awaits

A sudden hike is expected in fuel pricing post-elections where the consumer might have to pay upto 8-10 rupees more per litre.

India’s crude oil production falls by 4.15 percent in FY 19

India’s crude oil production falls by 4.15 pc in 2018-19 India produced 34,203 thousand metric tonnes (TMT) of crude oil during 2018-19 (April to March) which is 4.15 per cent below the output in the previous financial year and 7.59…

Kerala’s Unwanted

After virtually feeding the economy of India’s fifth richest state for years through remittance, over 300,000 migrants have been forced to return home from the Gulf. Kerala today, has no place for these natives. HEAD SHOT The forced repatriation started…