As Work From Office Resumes: How Are Flexible Office Space Providers Meeting The Demand

Offices around India are now reopening. From large tech companies to mid-sized enterprises to start-ups, most organizations are implementing back-to-office initiatives.   Meanwhile, the past iterations of the virus have also made a major change in the way offices are conceptualized…

Here’s why you shouldn’t spend long hours in office

According to a recent study, people who spend longer than usual hours at the workplace are more susceptible to the onset of hypertension. A considerable proportion of such individuals may also suffer a hidden form of hypertension, also known as masked hypertension, which as the name suggests may go undetected in clinical settings.

Smart Employee 101: How To Keep Your Office Data Safe?

Data leaks and thefts are common in the IT era. So, as a smart and prudent employee, it is a must to ensure that you are protected, safe and in compliance with office policies and not the source from where a cyberattack hits your firm’s data.

Jerks at the office: 5-Second rule to spot one around you

You may be aware of the 5-second-rule in regards to food. You can now use a similar principle to spot a toasty jerk at the office. When you are talking to somebody at the office and throwing ideas at them,…

7 Subtle Signs A Coworker Is Hitting On You

Your workplace is where you may be spending half of your day at and it’s often a place where unlikely friendships are forged.