Black Lives Matter’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Raises Criticism And Concerns

Proposed for its global impact in raising awareness and consciousness of racial injustice, the Black Lives Matter Movement Nobel nomination raises questions about individual vs group role in bringing change.

We Analysed Trump’s Madness For The Nobel Prize And Here’s What We Found

The nomination for Nobel Prize of Trump comes at a crucial time when he is up for reelection and his boat, quite frankly, appears to be sinking.

In a War-Mongering World, the Ethiopian Prime Minister brings hope to the Horn of Africa

Recognized with the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed’s prudential diplomacy brings hope, peace, and progress to a region engulfed in a blood bath and turmoil for decades. HEAD SHOT Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has transformed the dreadful…

ISIS rape survivor ‘Nadia Murad’, awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel peace prize winner ‘Nadia Murad’ tortured and raped by Islamic State (IS) militants, later became the face of human rights campaign for Yazidi people. Nadia Murad is a rape survivor and an erstwhile sex slave of the ISIS.Her story…