‘People Who Inspire India’ Education Iconic Awards 2021 Winners Announced — The Full List

20 Catalysts of Change — from Educationists and Edupreneurs to Philanthropists — they are vital pillars of India’s education revolution. The PWI Education Icons 2021 are carrying Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi’s vision – of making India the Vishwa Guru – on their shoulders.

Nita Ambani Wins ‘People Who Inspire India’ — Education Iconic Award 2021

Nita Ambani is a force to reckon with! Fondly called the “Queen of Mumbai” dons many roles and plays them to perfection.

Nita Ambani Wins ‘The PWI Most Beautiful Woman In The World’ Award 2020

Nita Ambani is a living reminder to the world that with great power comes great responsibility, which makes her a deserved name in the league of legendary Icons & Idols and she is DKODING’s Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2020.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020 — Icons & Idols

6 Exceptional Women. 6 Inspiring Legacies. 1 Common Connection — The PWI’s League of Icons & Idols.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020

20 women who didn’t conform to stereotypes, and in doing so, inspired millions like them to live a life by their own example — PWI Most Beautiful Women in the World 2020.

The Ambani’s And Their Past

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