Pax West Seattle 2019: Five games that will take you into another world

PAX West 2019 is ready to rock the world yet again. Coming to Seattle from 30 August to 2 September, it is already creating a frenzy…

Media Streamer, Game Console, Smart Home Hub: NVIDIA Shield

Nvidia has started the countdown for a new Shield TV Box featuring a new Tegra X1 T214 processor seen on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo bets on nostalgia with Dr. Mario World mobile game

Nintendo unveiled last night that their mobile game is finally hitting the Appstore and Playstore next month, and it’s the Dr. Mario World.

Super Mario Bros. sells for a record $100,150

Vintage gaming consoles always have a special place in the heart of gamers. But some enthusiasts are ready to pay a fortune to get their hands on these age-old beauties. An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros., released by Nintendo…