10 Washed-up Hollywood Stars That Faded With Time

Fame is an uncertain bird — you have it now it’s gone next, here, celebrities who are no longer famous. Brenden Frazer successfully held The Mummy franchise while Tom Cruise failed it. Lindsay Lohan was the life of every party…

The Flash 2022 Features Superman But Not Henry Cavill

The Flash 2022 will open the door to DC’s Multiverse inviting many expected and unexpected faces including Superman’s

Nicolas Cage celebrates 4th divorce with his 3rd wife

Nicolas Cage, tied the knot with Erika Koike, 34, in Las Vegas in March, but got divorced just after four days. The

Nicolas Cages 4 day long marriage granted divorce

Actor Nicolas Cage is officially divorced to his fourth wife Erika Koike after a four-day marriage.