JJ Abrams is going to make or break DCEU and Warner Bros.

JJ Abrams denied the deal with Apple despite the fact that they were willing to give him twice the amount of money. It is quite obvious that he wants to take over all of cinema, starting out with DC.

Navy SEALs: Tricks to win under extreme stress

How you react is what matters more than the situation you are put into and nobody in the world is facing situations more stressful than US Navy SEALs teams. Succeeding under extreme stress and unavoidable danger is a job responsibility…

Loki Unleashed gives the god of mischief mystical powers

The next comic, Loki: Unleashed gives him enormous mystic abilities on top of all that he already possesses; will the Avengers win?

The case of a 5-year-old mother: Baffling the world for 80 years

In a remote village of Peru, a baffled family took their 5-year-old daughter to a doctor, miles away in Lima. Lina Medina’s belly had been growing for months now and they suspected she might have a tumour.

The mystery of ageing: Pros and cons of immortality

Thanos is inevitable. Ageing doesn’t necessarily have to be. Is this super-human idea acceptable and if so, what are the possible consequences of halting the ageing processes? Identifying the mechanisms in our bodies that lead to eventual ageing with time…

Stop scrutiny for the sake of regulating: Sundar Pichai

Google CEO reacts to US antitrust probes stating scrutinizing large companies need to be balanced with supporting it.

Filling Jet Vaccum: SpiceJet inducts 100th aircraft

SpiceJet announced on Sunday the induction of Boeing 737 in their fleet | Becomes 4th domestic airline to own 100 aircraft. Budget airlines SpiceJet added another Boeing 737 to their fleet, taking their strength to 100. SpiceJet in a release…

You work, Not your partner: Trump’s message to H-1B visa holders

The US government is scrapping the H4 visa, a move which could affect the families of thousands of Indian hi-tech workers in the US and led to a shortage of skilled workers in the US.

How would you rate Narendra Modi?

The political drama, exit poll upheaval and campaign chaos is headed towards its grand finale. While all roads and theories are leading towards another 5 year reign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, let’s know how do you rate him on…