How To Have Deeper and More Connected Sex!

These 5 Steps will get you there! The way to having a more soulful love begins with you. And even once you have done the work on yourself and have called in your lover, the work doesn’t stop there. In…

Secrets to deal with decreased interest in sex

Female sex drive can often change with change in age. Lack of interest and decreased enjoyment are two major complaints associated with this change. Before you blame your hormonal fluctuation for these changes, you should appreciate the undeniable mind-body connection that directly influences your sexuality.

Relationship mistakes Women must avoid

Be it the New Year season or not, but the festive feeling always lurking in the air around us. And then amidst all it suddenly dawns upon you, it’s the new year.

Sex & Alcohol ‘Dangerous Combination’

You still want to enjoy sex but no level of foreplay is helping.

Millennial Couples Are Demanding Pure And Erotic Pleasures!

Millennials are a great example of how to live a life that’s yours and is not influenced by the traditional methods – charted out by the society for people to follow and live by.

Does Monogamy Still Exist?

Here are some of the unique strengths of non-monogamous relationships

Start with Morning Sex and an afternoon Coffee!

To pay tribute to a great relationship, let’s say – one potential approach is to truly receive the rewards of that additional hour: a touch of morning frolic in the sack.

India,US can now exchange CbC reports

India and the US can now exchange country-by-country reports (CbC) Indian subsidiaries of US multinational corporations have a cause for cheer with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) providing compliance relief for those whose parents are in countries which…

Bangladesh team had a narrow escape: New Zealand mosque shootings

Visuals from outside the mosque where a massive shootout took place on friday The Bangladesh cricket team, currently in New Zealand for their third test with the Kiwis, narrowly escaped the active shooter situation at the Masjid Al Noor mosque…

Guiness book of world record win by Lakshyaraj Singh of Mewar

Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar Bags Guinness Book of World Record Udaipur royalty Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar won a Guinness Book Record for a campaign that collects clothes for the underprivileged and thereafter distributes them to the needy. The campaign Vastradan has collected…