Bharat Bodh: How This Delhi School Is Redefining Patriotism For India’s Future Generations

A country’s development is not measured in material or economic growth but in the growth of its cultural capital and human development.

Examination vs Self-Realization: What’s Matters More For A Child’s Growth?

Does success in examinations with high marks guarantee an equally active role in the society?

Don’t Educate For Good Grades. Nurture Global Citizens For Universal Order. — Ashok Thakur, Muni International School

The motive of education is not to feed children the prescribed knowledge in textbooks. Schooling is the grooming of an individual for the real world.

The Muni Method — A Vision India’s New National Education Policy Mirrors, But Doesn’t Match

Many of the changes the NEP 2020 intends to bring align with alternative methods championed for quite some time by visionary educators like Ashok Thakur. Thakur sees the draft policy as a step in the right direction for the country that “inaugurates many new developments and marks many departures”. However, what makes him particularly pleased is the way in which the NEP “resonates with the vision and practices that the Muni Group has been implementing for over 15 years now through its schools”.

National Education Policy 2020: DKODING The 5+3+3+4 Of India’s Future Workforce

The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) has taken everyone by a whirlwind. PM Narendra Modi said that the policy will transform India into an education hub. But what changes will it actually bring and how it affects you?