Mars Has Lots Of Water, Man Has His Lemons. So, Is ‘Lemonade’ Possible?

No, we ain’t talking about the drink. Neither is it about Beyonce’s highly successful studio album. We’re talking about the scope and grandeur of the implications that arise from the recent findings on the Red Planet.

Recently Discovered Not So Far Away Planet Looks Like A Rugby Ball

This rugby-ball shaped planet is 44% of Earth’s mass and 60% Earth’s diameter, revolving around a star approximately half the size of our Sun.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Passes First Space Configuration Test

By successfully deploying the primary mirror of its James Webb Space Telescope, NASA is now a step closer in launching the world’s premier space science observatory.

Asteroid 3X bigger than Statue of Unity comes frighteningly close; Scientists urge ‘Save the Earth’

1200 Scientists have launched a campaign to save Earth from deep space impact as Asteroid thrice the size of the mammoth Statue of Unity does a scary close flyby on November 20.

NASA’s Insight Lander finds Unusual Soil Conditions on Mars

Scientists at NASA discovered that InSight Lander’s mole which is dug inside Mars has backed out half-way of its hole. The initial assessments point towards unusual soil conditions on the planet. NASA’s InSight Lander for Mars is designed as a…

Strange Sounds from Mars captured by NASA’s InSight Mission

NASA’s InSight Mission capturing the strange sounds from Mars including the sound of quakes, winds and other vibrations. Mars is full of mysteries. One of its mysteries is to produce strange sounds from different activities on its surface. But thanks…