United States and North Korea set up crunch talks in Sweden

Officials from the United States and North Korea are set to meet in the Swedish capital of Stockholm on Friday, ahead of the working-level denuclearisation talks between the two countries.

N Korea latest: S Korea President Moon to meet Trump in New York

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his American counterpart Donald Trump are expected to meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General

Kim likes testing missiles: Trump downplays weapon tests by N Korea

Downplaying the ongoing weapon tests by North Korea, US President Donald Trump on Friday reiterated that he does not think Pyongyang has

US hopeful of restoring talks with North Korea in ‘coming weeks’

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Wednesday hoped that denuclearisation talks between his country and North Korea will resume in

N Korea condemns US for deceptive attitude against Iran

North Korea’s official news agency slammed the United States for its “deceptive” attitude towards Iran, according to reports in South Korean

N Korea warns US: ‘patience has a limit’

N Korea urges US to adopt ‘strategic choice’ to resume talks, warns ‘patience has a limit’ Four months into the stalled denuclearisation talks between the United States and North Korea following the failed Hanoi summit, Pyongyang has once again urged…