WandaVision: SWORD Is Behind The Mutants In The MCU

SHIELD’s replacement SWORD in WandaVision can be the first potential enemies of the X-Men in the MCU, according to Marvel comics.

Marvel Set To Borrow A Leaf Out Of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter For Mutant Homecoming

The Xavier School For Gifted Individuals is a big part of both Marvel comic-verse and X-Men plotline. Introducing the older generation with the new breed and alluring the new generation simultaneously works in Marvel’s favor. A

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Vs The X-Men Set For MCU Phase 5

Marvel Studios could explore using Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to kill off some X-Men in his usual nonchalant hilarious manner for the MCU The Fox and Disney deal paved way for the debut of some exciting characters into the Marvel Cinematic…

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