The Future is Here: Innovations In The Space Industry And In The Rocket Companies Of Tomorrow

Space startups have revolutionized the business model for the modern rocket company. They are bringing new space technologies to the table to help the sector continue to rise. Looking at the space industry today, it seems that milestones are being…

Parts of nation witness solar eclipse

Parts of country witnessed solar eclipse on Dec 26. Kids got excited to witness the solar eclipse. World witnessed last solar eclipse of 2019 and of decade too. A solar eclipse occurs, when the moon comes in between the earth and the sun and when all the three bodies are aligned.

NASA unveils Prototype Moon Spacesuits for Artemis Astronauts

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Tuesday unveiled two prototype spacesuits for Artemis astronauts to be used during the upcoming moon missions.

With 20 new moons, Saturn takes over Jupiter as the Satellite King

It’s time to move over Jupiter and hail the new moon king – Saturn! The fifth planet in the solar system, Jupiter earlier had the badge of having the most moons- 79, but now Saturn, which stands sixth in the solar system

NASA is racing 12 times faster to the moon: Can ISRO catch up?

NASA is gushing towards clinching the title of ‘first woman on moon.’ A few more years will seal the deal..Chandrayaan 2 lost communication…

Chandrayaan 2 to reach moon’s orbit on August 20: ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman, K Sivan on August 12 informed that Chandrayaan 2 will leave earth and move towards the moon. It will reach the moon’s orbit on August 20.

NASA’s experiment where cockroaches ate the moon

NASA fed some of its precious Apollo 11 lunar samples to cockroaches, dumped it in fishbowls and injected

Moon is slowing Earth’s rotation: Armageddon is coming

NASA scientists have dropped bombshell news of impending calamity that has left the world sweating with fear

Chandrayaan 2 lifts off successfully, India creates history

India on Monday created history by successfully launching the country’s second indigenous Chandrayaan II mission to the Moon, which injected the

NEPTA CALENDER IS OUT. Now there will be only 6 months in a year. Not 12.

NEPTA CALENDER.  It was a project more guarded than Area 51. Now it is out in the open. MASA (MISSION AT SPACE ALGORITHM) just like NASA keeps a track of Neptune’s orbit. Though the talks have been on for years now, but it was only yesterday…