OroPocket Introduces Auto-Invest Plan (AIP) with Tokenized GOLD & SILVER

With one tap liquidation via UPI and minimum investment as low as INR 100 per day, AIP allows investors to grow their portfolios by investing in digital GOLD and SILVER and earn passive income without losing control of their holdings …

Five Points To Consider Before Investing In A High-Interest Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed deposits are considered as one the safest ways of investment, offering a higher rate of interest than a conventional savings bank account. A fixed deposit is a type of investment in which the funds are deposited for a fixed…

Wanna Be A Millionaire By Age 40? Here’s THE Strategy, Millennials

With the right mindset and just the right discipline, one can get there by starting early investments, taking risks and compounding their wealth earned.

Financial Health For Millennials: 5-Step Ladder To A ‘Wealthy’ Retirement

Financial health is akin physiological health. If you don’t know your vitals, it’s impossible to diagnose why you’re leaking money or even making enough.

7 Best Methods For You To Mint Money

Wealth management is an art. One of the biggest reasons why a hefty number of people remain broke despite earning a lucrative figure is the lack of a money mindset.

America’s Debt Disaster And It’s Impact On Each American

Fiscal year 2020 has been a rough economic ride for the country, reason being the disparity between the nation’s spending, amounting to $6.55 trillion and its borrowings which are valued at $3.42 trillion.

Smart digital insurance product jointly launched by Aegon Life and MobiKwik

Aegon Life and MobiKwik launch a smart digital insurance product In a bid to enable financial inclusion and ease of buying for the Indian masses, Aegon Life Insurance, pioneer of digital insurance in India and MobiKwik, India’s leading FinTech Company;…

How I stopped my partner from blowing money?

In every relationship, there is a saver and a spender. Being the latter is obviously more entertaining but the former. But guess who has to be the party pooper every time there is a hole in the ship? I was…

How Netflix Could Eventually Stop Losing Money

Know about how Netflix could eventually stop losing money While you spent the holidays streaming “Bird Box,” “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and/or re-watching “The Office” for the hundredth time, Netflix Inc. was playing out a corporate drama of its own—poaching Activision Blizzard…