Money Heist Put Alvaro Morte Aka The Professor Through A Torturous Audition Process

‘Money Heist’ is a fantastic watch not only because of its premise but also because of its talented cast. Followers can’t get enough of the Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) sensible and sharp ideas.  But did he bag the role so easily?…

Money Heist 5 Turns A Robbery Into A Tragic War

The savage and the fatal war, but the exciting and the epic season is getting served as sizzlers, wait for the main course continues. International Emmy 2018, Best drama-winning series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel in its original Spanish…

The Secret Ingredient That Turned Money Heist From A Flop Into A Blockbuster

If you think the maker of ‘Money Heist’ Alex Pina knew the formula for success, you are living with a misconception. ‘Money Heist’ or let’s pronounce its Spanish title, ‘La Casa de Papel’, released another eight-episode run on Netflix in…

Money Heist: The Reason Why Professor Chose To Become A Robber, Revealed

For those who are late to the party and still overwhelmed by the weirdly exciting but chaotic world of Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’, we have some explaining to do. The Professor’s choice of career is more than just a hobby and…

Nairobi Is Destined To Return In Money Heist Season 5

The lady daredevil of Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’, Nairobi, met a heartbreaking end in season 4. The rumour is that Nairobi will be back for season 5 of ‘Money Heist’ and we can’t keep calm! Keep reading to find out more!…

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Life Of The Kids In Money Heist Will Make These Crazy Spin-Offs

For a show like ‘Money Heist’, with its ensemble cast and complex characters, there is no dearth of spin-off ideas. We think a spin-off featuring the kids on the show would be smashing success with the fans.

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Money Heist Touches The Right Nerves With Dali Masks And Bella Ciao

The Spanish heist drama series, which was initially just a two-part miniseries for local networks, became a global phenomenon only after Netflix decided to distribute it to the rest of the world. Money Heist, or La Casa De Papel, is…

Money Heist Season 5: Raquel May Get Exposed As Real Traitor

Is the Professor’s beloved Raquel set to betray him and his gang in the upcoming season?