Meghan Markle Returned The Royal Title But Not The Royal Jewellery

Meghna Markle is known to flaunt dainty pieces from the royal collection? But since Meghan has decided to quit the British royal life, will she still wear the royal jewellery? Even before Meghan Markle became a part of the Royal…

Iran-Saudi Bilateral Talks: Biden’s Other Headache In The Middle-East

Saudi Arabia and Iran have seen years of Proxy Wars against each other in the Middle East but things have started to de-escalate as the archnemeses hold ‘secret’ bilateral talks but the US feels overlooked.

World’s Top 10 Richest Politicians In 2021 With Unimaginable Wealth

Ever wondered just how much the world’s top leaders are worth? These politicians are worth billions and some of the richest persons on Earth. Here’s a list of the World’s Top 10 Richest Politicians in 2021.

Bidenism — How Different Is It From Trumpism?

There are many observers who believe that Biden will ultimately be compelled to follow policies similar to Trump due to global geopolitical dynamics, and the overall economic narrative within the US.

As Promised, Biden Downgrades The Political Value Of Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Biden Administration takes a strict stance on the Crown Prince MBS involvement in the murder of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi but heeds to not hamper US-Saudi ties.

End Of The Qatar Blockade: Will Biden Accept The Olive Branch Offered By MBS & Saudi?

Biden has been critical of the Saudi Arabia’s poor track record on Human Rights in the past and even dubbed the Kingdom a ‘pariah state’ on one occasion. Furthermore, he has accused Trump of being soft vis-à-vis the Saudis.

MBS vs Khashoggi’s Fiancé: Can A US Court of Law Dare To Convict A Saudi Crown Prince?

Once an adviser to the Royal family, estranged journalist Jamal Khashoggi had become the most prominent voice against the authoritarian regime of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is It Time To End The Qatar Freeze?: Unresolved Questions From The Middle East

Not just the Trump Administration, the Saudis too seem enthusiastic about a possible deal to end the Middle-Eastern blockade of Qatar, with a view to claiming credit for it, to appease the incoming Biden administration.

Failed Secret Meeting — End Of Trump Era Brings Israel And Saudi Arabia Back To Hostility

A long weekend for the two nations ended on a sour note with Saudi Arabia having already started with the Monday grind.

Supporters, Detractors & Fence-Sitters: Sorting World Leaders In The Wake Of Biden’s Victory

Reactions, from world leaders, to the outcome of the US Presidential election have been varied.