India’s Covid Crisis Requires Modi Cut The Red Tape On Foreign Aid

Where on one hand, millions are being raised globally to help a 1.4 billion-strong nation sail through its most crippling crises, on the other, the non-profits in India are reeling under a severe paucity of funds.

Strategic Defence Review: What India Can Learn From Pentagon To Counter China

Given the situation, the armed forces cannot be faulted for wanting to plug the gaps in their capabilities as quickly as possible. However, the cost of these emergency defence purchases would be difficult to justify in the absence of a long term strategic plan that takes into account both existing and future threats to the country. It is here that a Pentagon-style Strategic Defence Review could help India’s military rationalize its procurement priorities and sharpen its combat capabilities.

Three-Month Rent Waiver — PM Modi’s Single-Shot Booster For The Indian Economy

Ensuring business continuity via a dynamic plan that caters to both the landlords and tenants across residential as well as commercial real estate in India.

Opinion | Politics of Polarization — India’s Tryst with Destiny

The riots have burned Delhi. This is what we have come down to as a country, under Modi’s Hindutva agenda and divisive rule.

27000000 Votes Added To BJP’s Kitty with #CABPassed — Here’s The Other Side Of The Story

It’s not all in good faith: The passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 helps the Modi-led ruling BJP further amplify its vote bank. So, how many votes does BJP stand to gain in the future with the CAB move? Here’s the other side of the story.

India to privatise 50 railway stations and 150 trains

After the success of India’s first private train Tejas Express, the government is now planning to hand over the development of 50 railway stations and operations of about 150 trains to private players.

Mutual trust, friendship between PM Modi, President Xi being extended to all sectors: Chinese Envoy

Enumerating the outcomes of last year’s landmark informal summit in Wuhan, the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said that the mutual trust and friendship between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now being extended to…

Mehbooba Mufti slams Centre over restrictions in Kashmir

PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday slammed the central government over restrictions levelled in Jammu and Kashmir.

Left parties demand farm loan waiver, unemployment allowance for youth

The Left parties on Friday slammed the management of the economy by the Modi government and demanded unemployment allowance for youth

Pour, Protests and an upcoming Poll: Here’s how Houston is gearing up for PM Modi

Indian PM Narendra Modi is flying off to be at Houston, Texas. As soon as he sets foot on American soil, he will be met with much…