Missionary Sex: 6 Reasons To Take A New Position On This Old Position

6 Things About Missionary Sex That Make It The Best Sexual Position “Oh, it’s so vanilla”.  “It’s boring”.  “It doesn’t feel sexy”, etc. How many times have people used these old grievances to describe missionary sex? Okay, it isn’t as…

5 Ways To Make The Missionary Position Passionary

Missionary sex can easily be equated to the ‘Jan Brady’ of erotic positions: easily ignored and used as last option. It is often referred to as the unappreciated lesser light of more popular positions such as doggy style, reverse cowgirl,…

Go Mission-aah-rie: If You Are Ace At Thrusting And She Loves Being Wrapped

Missionary is definitely the best sex position ever — an unpopular opinion but you can’t deny the pleasure now, can you?

Why Do Men Find Reverse Cowgirl Sex ‘Fant-Ass-Tic’

We all seem to know the crazy things about the reverse cowgirl position but don’t know the pros and cons? Have you heard nothing but stories?