Turning Down the Drama: Can Biden Resurrect The US-Iran Nuclear Deal

While Hassan Rouhani and Javad Zarif have expressed guarded optimism with the change of administration in the US, Trump upping the ante against Iran has complicated Biden’s job. One of the most important challenges facing President-elect Joe Biden, once he…

Inside Trump’s Four-Pronged Strategy To End Chinese Hegemony In The Mekong River

The world is witnessing China’s consistent grind of expansion that doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. But the Trump administration always finds their way to bring Jinping one step down. Mekong cooperation sounds like another Trump card.

India Needs To Rethink Its Policy For Peaceful Coexistence With China

China has almost never abided by the spirit of the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, a truth underscored yet again by the events over the last three weeks. Though the Chinese leadership continues to make all the right noises, the situation on the ground at the border remains tense.

Auf Wiedersehen, Says Trump To Germany — Implications For NATO

By alienating one of NATO founding members, Trump may have set in motion the eventual dissolution of an alliance that has been the bulwark of the free world against oppressive powers of the East for decades.

The Hong Kong Experiment — China Is Testing The West’s Patience

China plans to introduce a fundamental change to its relationship with Hong Kong. Like all its previous attempts, China’s new plan has received a severe backlash from Hong Kongers and with it from the international corridors.

Leaders Insecure About Re-election Drum Up Israel Genocide Controversy

While coronavirus has been rightly treated as an immediate threat, the mainstream media has largely ignored news stories equally in need of international attention, such as the crisis in the Middle East.

As China Stifles Hong Kong, Ripples Of A New Cold War

While much of the world’s attention is trained on Covid-19’s spiraling death toll, China aims to end Hong Kong’s autonomy and clip the freedom it has enjoyed for the past 23 years, and which is meant to last for at least another 50.

Attention Democracies: Communist Governments Are Winning The Covid-19 Contest

What are the reasons for the shortcomings of democratic societies like the US and Europe vis-à-vis authoritarian regimes like China and North Korea in crisis management?

US and UK Alert Covid-19 Hospitals Against Chinese Cyberattacks

Multiple advisories over the last week claim that state actors and criminal groups are targeting institutions on the front line of the Covid-19 response.

US Embassy Attack: Trump Warns Iran To ‘Pay Big Price’

The United States has said that it was sending additional troops to the Middle East, after hundreds of protesters stormed its embassy compound in Iraq, setting fires and chanting — ‘Death to America!’