9 Times Queen Elizabeth II Was Publicly Disrespected

When it comes to meeting Queen Elizabeth II, there are certain dos and don’ts everyone must follow. But sometimes it can get difficult to remember all the rules especially when you don’t belong to the United Kingdom. Here’s DKODING nine…

All Hail The Queen. Tennis Won’t Be Same Without Serena Williams!

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Michelle Obama Wins ‘The PWI Most Beautiful Woman In The World’ Award 2020

Michelle Obama’s unparalleled achievements as an altruist put her in the league of legendary Icons & Idols and she is DKODING’s Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2020.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020 — Icons & Idols

6 Exceptional Women. 6 Inspiring Legacies. 1 Common Connection — The PWI’s League of Icons & Idols.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020

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Leslie From Parks And Recreation Wouldn’t Have Voted For Her Crush Joe Biden: Here’s Why

Joe Biden made not one, but two cameos in one of the most famous sitcoms on NBC – ‘Parks and Recreation’.

Melania Trump Or Jill Biden — Who Should America Choose As Its Next First Lady

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From Netflix Documentary To Spotify Podcast, Michelle Obama Inspires America To Liberate Itself

In her podcast, Obama’s views are fairly optimistic while acknowledging the current state of world affairs. In the latest edition of Michelle Obama Podcast, she spoke to her brother about his first impression of Barak Obama, their favourite jazz music and growing up. She even opened up about her own struggles and experiences with menopause and changing hormones.

From Michelle Obama To Melania Trump — The Devolution Of The FLOTUS

Be it her lack of political ambition, controversial past, or her strained relationship with her husband, Melania Trump seems unworthy of the respected and powerful position of FLOTUS.