Ray Donovan Is Not Based On Real Life Hollywood Fixer Anthony Pellicano: Here’s Why

The Showtime crime drama ‘Ray Donovan’ is believed to have been based on the Hollywood fixer, Anthony Pellicano. While there’s some truth to that, Pellicano isn’t the only one who inspired the Showtime series. Find out more here! Highlights —…

Lanky Michael Jackson As Spider-Man Could Have Graced The Screens

Michael Jackson’s nephew talks about how the king of pop wished to play Spider Man in the 90s. What if I tell you that if things had gone smooth, Michael Jackson would have been the owner of Marvel. Would you…

New Biopic Wants To Tell Us That Michael Jackson Was Innocent

It’s a musical about a music legend. It’s a satire on his life. It’s a fun take on the different phases in the life of the King of Pop and his flaws.  An unauthorized Michael Jackson musical biopic titled For…

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson: Life and Death of the ‘King of Pop’

Michael Jackson in his career reached unprecedented heights of success through his musical talent. MJ garnered a massive fan base,

No one killed Michael Jackson

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