The President’s Wall After All — Team Trump Claims Border Policy Saved Lives

While Trump’s stringent border crossing policy was aimed at controlling illegal immigration but the Wall has also kept the infection at bay and manageable.

The Wall Will Also Have An Impact On The Virus: Trump

In the latest Coronavirus daily briefing, President Trump stated that the wall will have an impact on the virus and linked the drug war.

Trump wants another emergency to pressurize Mexico

Donald Trump is planning to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff on Mexico Trump administration is all set to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff by 5% on Mexico over the failure of the Mexican government towards illegal…

Trump’s national emergency – A mystery worth DKODING!

Donald Trump may use his powers under the Emergency Act to secure the money he needs to construct the Mexico border wall. But this strategy may cost more and deliver little. HIGHLIGHTS: Even as he backs down on his plan…