Trump Not Welcome To The Queen’s Funeral And Joe Biden May Have To Take A Bus

Trump And Former First Lady Melania Trump Will Not Be Attending Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Despite Desperate Attempts. Being a great fan of the Her Majesty has also not won an invitation spot for President Donald Trump to funeral. His…

Melania Trump Is Launching Her NFT- A New Years Gift For Republican

Former FLOTUS Melania Trump has a present for her admirers- NFT of her cobalt blue eyes! The current buzzword of the world, metaverse has become a widespread obsession- the one which is sparing no one. The newest addition to the…

Is Donald Trump Doing Fine?

Not very long ago, news was filled with Trump headlines. But now the good old days of the United States president getting banned from Twitter are gone. So, what is Trump up to in his post-presidency days?

Fake Melania Conspiracy Gets Deeper With Fake Hillary And Fake Obama

There have been claims of US political icons using ‘body-doubles’ in the past as well.

Melania Trump Or Jill Biden — Who Should America Choose As Its Next First Lady

How do the wives of the incumbent and potential Presidents measure up? Here’s a brief look at the women behind the successful men — Jill Biden and Melania Trump.

Melania Trump: A Planned Damage Control Or A Rebel In President’s Camp

First lady Melania Trump is inscrutable. When Mr. Trump does the damage, Mrs. Trump is to bear the torch for his victims. Are the contrasting roads of the first couple a planned damage control or is Melania Trump really defying…

White House Down, Courtesy Coronavirus And Trump

Just six days into his coronavirus diagnosis and three days into his admission to a hospital, Trump’s return to the White House, breaking healthcare protocol, has raised eyebrows.

Trump Drive-By Raises Questions But Stock Market Highs

Disregarding the logic of quarantine, President Donald Trump drove around the hospital waving at his supporters. He sat in the backseat of an SUV, accompanied by two Secret Service agents sitting in front, conveniently exposing them to the virus.

Twitter Warns To Remove Tweets Wishing For President Trump To Die

Donald Trump is under treatment for Covid-19 but radical groups and individuals on twitter are wishing President Trump dies. After President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus, the twitter is inundated with reactions. While most of…

Trump Hospitalized! 5 Overnight Developments: From Biden’s Prayers To Experimental Treatment

Friday was a chaotic day at the White House. Here are the 5 biggest overnight updates on the Covid-19 positive President Trump’s hospitalization.