Elanpro Extends its Support to Gurugram Police Departments by Offering Oxygen Concentrators and Sanitizer Dispenser

Gurugram-based Elanpro (Elan Professional Appliances Pvt. Ltd.), one of India’s leading commercial refrigeration company has extended its support in combating COVID-19, by donating 10 Oxygen Concentrators and 140 Sanitizer Dispensers to the Police Department of Gurugram. This essential equipment and…

Cashfree supports Mission Oxygen to fight COVID-19

Highlight Mission Oxygen is helping hospitals across India get access to oxygen supplies in the form of 10L/Min Oxygen Concentrators, and Oxygen generation plants. To help Mission Oxygen, Cashfree is contributing ₹1 for every ₹1 received as a donation up to…

When Will India’s Oxygen Horror Show End?

A lethal second wave and an acute shortage in the supply of medical oxygen have brought India on its knees in its fight against Coronavirus. What can the country do to resolve it at the earliest, and why did India fail to predict this huge crisis?

“Grab & Run” — What’s Causing India’s Tragic Oxygen Shortage

At more than 7,000 tonnes a day, the country is producing enough oxygen to meet the treatment needs of severely ill Indians. Yet Covid-19 has broken across class barriers – forcing Indians to beg, borrow or steal a few oxygen cylinders to save a loved one gasping for breath, dying an unfair death.