Captain Marvel To Expose Skrull’s Secret Invasion In MCU Phase 5

With the appearance of the Skrulls in Captain Marvel, the MCU may be planning to add the Secret Invasion events into its storyline.

Explained: Jonathan Majors’ Multi-Movie Appearance As Kang The Conqueror In MCU Phase 5

MCU will be giving us one of the strongest villains, after Ultron and Thanos, and he is none other than Kang the Conqueror.

What’s Darcy Lewis And SWORD Are Doing In WandaVision

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Doctor Strange 2 Cast More Villains Than Heroes

With so many rumors and speculations revolving around Doctor Strange 2, fans can expect to see a lot of MCU characters in the movie.

Shuri Deciphers Marvel’s Infinity Saga In New Wakanda Files

Marvel’s MCU canon book Wakanda Files is based on Shuri’s research reveals the universe’s long-hidden secrets and Tony Stark is involved!

Disney’s Plans To Make Deadpool, X-Men And Spider-verse Into Marvel Canon

MCU’s Doctor Strange 2 can open up the doors for many characters from Marvel movies of the past to return to the MCU.

Sinister Six To Come Back For Spider-Man 3, After Jamie Foxx

Fans went wild with excitement when news broke out that Jamie Foxx may star in the new Spiderman sequel as the main villain ‘Electro’. Ever since it was made public that Jamie Foxx will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in…

Marvel Is Bribing Ryan Reynolds To Kidnap MCU As Deadpool

Gone are the days of Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson, Scarlett Johansson, and others as Marvel plans to make Ryan Reynolds the biggest star of MCU with Deadpool 3. Imagine the blast when the Merc with a Mouth will argue with…

Jamie Foxx’s Electro Enters Tom Holland’s Spiderman World But In Disguise

While Jamie Foxx is returning as Electro to shock Tom Holland in MCU’s ‘Spiderman-3’. Fans might be shocked by his changed look. Did you already begin wondering all the possible plots and storylines for which Marvel might be bringing the…

Brie Larson Birthday Special: The Big Movies That Rejected The Future Captain Marvel

On the birthday of Brie Larson, let’s discuss all the movies which rejected her before she finally came to the Marvel fame. As we celebrate Brie Larson’s birthday, we can surely claim that she needs no introduction. Brie Larson has…