Hate you 30,000 — Brie Larson To Be Out of Marvel Universe After Captain Marvel 2

Brie Larson is surrounded with petitions asking her to step out of Captain Marvel’s role…This is a full stop in her MCU journey?

Young Superheros All Set To Rival Brie Larson For Avengers 5 Lead Role

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Brie Larson Set To Be Captain America’s Official Replacement in Avengers 5

Brie Larson is officially an Avenger. In the upcoming Avengers 5, there’ll be surprises, tragedies, and more. Avengers

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On what glorious date will Captain Marvel 2 release and sway it’s fans more than ever before

With Captain Marvel 2, Brie Larson To Become A Director

After the original directors of Captain marvel have stepped down, Brie Larson could possibly be the co-director of the sequel.  Being a superhero in one of MCU’s productions is a task in itself. Rigorous training, frustrating diet, and shooting for…

Dakota Fanning To Leave Brie Larson Powerless In Captain Marvel 2

With so many rumours about the much-anticipated villain in Captain Marvel 2 arising, who will end up battling with the strongest? The OG Rogue Anna Paquin? Or a new one in Dakota Fanning? It is no secret that Captain Marvel…