Killmonger Is The New Black Panther

In the sixth episode of Marvel Studios What If, Erik Killmonger saves Tony from the Ten Rings in Afghanistan.  But does this make Tony safe?

MCU’s Blueprint To Bring Back Netflix Characters

Not only Matt Murdock’s Daredevil but also the Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Kingpin from Netflix will make their MCU debut The remarkable trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to amuse fans and speculators. MCU’s hawk-eyed fans continue to watch…

Tom Holland Kicked Out Marvel Announces A New Spiderman

In the latest from the MCU, we have a new Spider-Man among us and the possibility of the return of Captain America to the big screen.

Marvel Studios What If: MCU Goes ‘I Am Legend’

In the 5th episode of Marvel Studios What If, the Avengers face a zombie apocalypse. It is up to the remaining few to save the planet.

Spider-Man 3 Leaked Dialogues Reveal Most Important Plot Points

The leaked dialogues of Spider-Man: No Way Home reveal more about what we can expect from the movie. And it’s overwhelming.

Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi Creates A Perfect Base For Avengers 5

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings gives Marvel its much-awaited comeback to the big-screen post the pandemic.

Not Magneto Scarlet Witch To Fight Professor X In Doctor Strange 2

The latest Doctor Strange 2 leak says that Scarlet Witch will face a character from 20th Century Fox. Will it be our very own Professor Xavier?

Spider-Man 3: How Many Villains Did We Really See

Sinister Six will bring Mysterio back in action or will MCU fans finally get to see the Scorpion’s villainous potential. Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer was dropped several days back and ever since it was released it has overpowered the…

Kevin Feige Confirms Venom Rumours Can ‘Come True’

As marvel studios get into the thick of things with their Phase 4 slate, there has been a tirade of new information and rumours concerning what fans can expect as the universe expands.  From futuristic super villains to timeline jumping…

How Love Is Making Its Way Up In The MCU

Love has always been around in the MCU. But with time, its presence is becoming clearer and its significance stronger. Here’s how love grew.