Moon Knight Finale: A Godly Showdown & Rise Of Mutants

Moon Knight Episode 6 AKA Season Finale is the showdown of the Gods. Marc and Steven come together but they aren’t alone.

Moon Knight: Marc And Steven Balance Their Scales But It Ain’t Fair

Episode 5 of Moon Knight showed Marc and Steven explore their past while sailing across the Egyptian underworld.

Chris Evans Is Returning To Play Evil Captain America In Doctor Strange 2

Rumors of the return of Chris Evans’ Captain America in Doctor Strange 2 is back making rounds in the fandom.

Patrick Stewart Returning As Professor X In The MCU

Did we hear Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier’s voice in the ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’ trailer? Let’s see if Patrick Stewart, as Professor X, will be joining the MCU! Professor X is well-known for his powerful telepathy abilities. He…

Moon Knight: Everything You Need To Know About The Hippo Goddess Taweret

Moon Knight Episode 4 introduced a new Egyptian God, Tawaret, a Hippopotamus. Here’s more on this new Marvel God.

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Moon Knight: Kang Makes His First Appearance As Rama-Tut

Moon Knight Episode 3 takes Marc Spector to Egypt, the location of Ammit’s tomb. But Khonshu isn’t there to help him.

Thor: Love and Thunder Teaser — Lightning Strikes Twice In Waititi’s Piñata Without Gorr

The latest Thor: Love and Thunder teaser feels showcases Thor in a new light. He has given up his thunder and is all for love now.

Moon Knight Setting Up Elder Gods To Face Christian Bale In Thor 4

The introduction of Khonshu in Moon Knight shows that MCU is setting up Elder Gods to face Gorr the God Butcher in Thor 4.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Introduces Marc Spector in a White Suit

Moon Knight Episode 2 reveals more about Moon Knight, Ammit and introduces us to more important characters.