Not Magneto Scarlet Witch To Fight Professor X In Doctor Strange 2

The latest Doctor Strange 2 leak says that Scarlet Witch will face a character from 20th Century Fox. Will it be our very own Professor Xavier?

Is This The End Of The DCEU?

The DC Extended Universe is at a crossroads where it must either embrace its potential or face its demise. The DCEU has turned on a new page after releasing ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ on HBO Max. While the director, his…

Who Is ‘The Watcher’ In Marvel’s What If…?

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s What If…? Is garnering mixed reactions. The anthology series is based on the same name of comic book’s line. The animated attempts to recreate iconic scenes of the entire MCU saga with different perceptive. It teases the…

Kevin Feige Confirms Venom Rumours Can ‘Come True’

As marvel studios get into the thick of things with their Phase 4 slate, there has been a tirade of new information and rumours concerning what fans can expect as the universe expands.  From futuristic super villains to timeline jumping…

How Love Is Making Its Way Up In The MCU

Love has always been around in the MCU. But with time, its presence is becoming clearer and its significance stronger. Here’s how love grew.

Doctor Strange 2 Leaks Wanda Vs Magneto Showdown

The X-Men will make their way into the MCU in the distant future. But a new Doctor Strange 2 leak implies that one mutant will face Wanda AKA Scarlet Witch. We all know that Marvel Studios will soon introduce the…

Marvel Itself Is Confused About The Ending Of Loki

Kate Herron, the director of ‘Loki’, explains the alternate TVA that Sylvie sends Loki to, emphasising that her actions indicate that reality has shifted. Keep reading to find out what she has to say about this. ‘Loki’ Season 1 skillfully…

What if…? Realise Fans’ Worst Nightmare

The 3rd episode of Marvel Studios What If gives shape to our worst nightmare where the original Avengers are killed even before they could come together.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Trailer Exceeds Expectations And Gives More To Anticipate

The new teaser trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home answered many of our expectations and added to our anticipations just as we hoped.

What To Expect From Marvel’s New Hawkeye

MCU’s phase 4 has kick-started with plenty of superhero content spread out for the audience. But it’s been quite some time, we haven’t heard from Clint Barton and his marvellous ventures. However, the ending credits of the Black Widow movie…