Netflix’s Lucifer Tom Ellis Just Booked His Ticket To Marvel

Though Netflix’s Lucifer has made his cameo in the DC comics there are reports that it might happen for Marvel too.

Back For Brie — Chris Evans Re-Enters MCU With Captain Marvel 2

Captain America, Captain Marvel and Killmonger, a love triangle in MCU? Chris Evans aka Captain America and Michael B. Jordon aka Killmonger are in love with Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel.

Spider-Man Actually Fought Corona In This 1991 Comic

As the world is quarantined with coronavirus, it seems a Spider-Man comic series already knew about it. The comic book pages… corona…

X-Men’s Magneto Joins Nightmare In Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange 2

Not only is Dr Strange 2 getting a new villain in Nightmare, but even an X-Men veteran in Magneto is also on board…

Spider-Woman’s Job Is To Impress Brie Larson In Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2 might show Carol and Spider-Woman as more than friends MCU’s Captain Marvel skyrocketed in terms of popularity. The standalone movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of Marvel. Carol Danvers sure charmed the fandom.  Highlights — Captain Marvel…

If Cavill Can, I Will Too — Jason Momoa Boards Marvel Ship To Become Wolverine

Jason Momoa would grab the chance if he ever gets to be the next Wolverine after Hugh Jackman. But will he quit Aquaman for Wolverine?

Christian Bale Is Playing Galactus In Thor: Love and Thunder

Christian Bale would soon be seen as the supervillain in Thor: Love and Thunder. Hints and theories point to him being Galactus…

Emilia Clarke Joining Captain Marvel’s A-Force As Squirrel Girl

Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke confessed that she would love to join the MCU for “silly” and “stupid” fun..Captain Marvel 2

Red Guardian Was Fun But David Harbour Prefers Jim Hopper

David Harbour opens up about filming action-packed Black Widow and how he loved and hated being Red Guardian at the same time and that Jim Hopper suits him the best.

Iron Man Fires Up The Green Lantern That Deadpool Left Behind

Warner Bros. has approached our forever Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. to be the emerging ring-powered superhero in DCEU. No second…