Brie Larson Forcing Marvel To Make Her The New MCU Leader

As Captain America and Iron Man leave the Avengers, the position as the leader of the Avengers is up for grabs. A few recent reports have suggested that Brie Larson has asked Kevin Feige to let Captain Marvel rule the…

The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Speculated Disney DC Merger

Even after going to Disney will DC overcome its creative control issues According to a recent CNBC report, the new Warner-Discovery merger has made it easier for a future sale to occur, so in a few years, we might be…

Jason Momoa Is Messing Around With Chris Hemsworth In His Home Country

Is there a battle going on between Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth? Ooo!! Looks like there is some hot battle going on between Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth. Well, both belong to different universes, DC and Marvel. To say that…

Grief, Hope And Representation: How Superheroes Are Mirroring Our Society

How our favourite Superheroes are finally representing the society we live in After a year of the pandemic, the first quarter of 2021 is not only reflective but also proved to be a step towards the ‘new normal.’ The globe…

Proud Marvel And DC Superheroes Are Not Cut Out For The Rick And Morty Challenge

Rick Sanchez is a god in his own little fictional multiverse called ‘Rick and Morty’. Let’s see if anyone from ‘DC’ or ‘Marvel Universe’ can win against Rick Sanchez. Highlights — ‘Rick and Morty’ vs ‘The Avengers’ DC or Marvel Universe…

Marvel Actors Crossing Over To DC Movies In 2021

Actor Jared Leto and Michael Keaton are MCU stars doing the unthinkable task of uniting the fans by appearing in DC movies.

The Snyder Cut Is DC’s Version Of Avengers: Endgame

If Zack Snyder had completed his Justice League in 2017, we would have seen the time-travel plot before Avenger’s Endgame.

Fandome Versus ‘?’ — DKODING Marvel’s Silent Treatment In Reply To DC’s Superheroics

Not only DC FanDome event brought a paradigm shift in the industry but also left the competition Marvel Studios way behind

From Marvel Copying DC To Snyder Copying Thanos: The Tables Turn With Justice League 2021

Zack Snyder emphasised on the fact that he isn’t going to use any frame that he didn’t photograph. Meaning all of Whedon’s work will be left out of his cut. With Snyder again at the helm of his project Darkseid will take his honourable position as DC’s most formidable baddie!

Marvel And DC Superheroes Skip Comic-Con — Should Fans Expect The Unexpected?

This year, both Marvel Studios and DC have decided to take a digital route to showcase their upcoming projects, rather than exhibiting at Comic-Con@Home, the biggest comic book convention’s virtual turn due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now SDCC is taking a further hit, with superhero franchises walking away.