Keanu Reeves Meets Angelina Jolie – Latest Update On Marvel’s The Eternals

The Eternals​ makes for probably the most mysterious project of Marvel Studios. It has been in the pipeline for some time and with it being

Tony Stark’s True Villainous Side

Tony Stark measured up against Infinity Saga’s villain Thanos but the man wasn’t free of his vices regardless

Many Faces Of Thor: From The Dark World To Love And Thunder

Creators of Thor and actor Chris Hemsworth gambled with the God of Thunder’s image over the years and the makeover was well worth it Marvel’s Infinity Saga gave us some amazing character arcs and most relatable superheroes. While Tony Stark…

Disney’s Hercules: Greek God With A Dash Of Marvel Superhero

Disney’s last few ventures have not fetched much fame. It is now keen to go the Marvel way for its Hercules live-action movie.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker Were Never Meant To Be

The truth about Marvel and Sony’s different visions of Tony Stark and Peter Parker Relationship

Black Widow Reveals A New Blueprint For MCU Phase 4

The Black Widow movie that kickstarts MCU phase 4 is going to propel some interesting characters and storylines for upcoming phases

Ironheart’s Suit Gets A Marvel Worthy Upgrade

Ironheart is in works at the Marvel Studio, an artist re-imagines a new suit worthy of her MCU debut

Moon Knight Lures Keanu Reeves Into The MCU

Adapting Marvel’s Moon Knight to the big screen involves finding the right actor capable of blending finesse, style, ruthlessness who else to play the part other than Keanu Reeves

Marvel Eyes Christopher Nolan To #SavetheDaredevil — Time For Matt Damon To Join The Mix

Marvel Studios intend to have Christopher Nolan on the future Daredevil project

Elon Musk’s Ultimate Geek Fantasy Surfaces In Spacesuits: Avengers-SpaceX Fusion

Elon Musk and Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez built custom astronaut suits based on Superhero theme for historic SpaceX Dragon Crew launch

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