Why Spider-Man: No Way Home Deserves An Oscar

Spider-Man: No Way Home has three Spider-Men, Five Villains and Matt Murdock, what else do you need… An Oscar maybe? Imagine you are on a roller coaster, that roller coaster keeps on going higher and higher. Sometimes when you feel…

Leonardo Di Caprio Is Marvel’s New Evil Spider-Man

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’s cast list allegedly leaked With Spider-Man: No way Home, Marvel has opened the door to the multiverse and now there’s no going back. With the multiverse comes infinite possibilities of alternate versions of…

Daredevil Season 4: Everything You Need To Know About Charlie Cox’s Return

The superhero action-drama Daredevil series that aired for three fantastic seasons, when toured towards deadlock accumulated nothing but dissatisfaction among comics fandom. But as the speculations turn into rumours about the renewal of Daredevil for Season 4, the fans are…

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man To Return In Morbius

Morbius release date has been pushed further to April 1, 2022. Is this delay due to reshoots involving Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man?

Charlie Cox To Get Daredevil Season 4 Only After Moon Knight, She-Hulk And Echo Appearances

Spider-Man: No Way Home was just a start for Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil. As per Charles Murphy, Cox is set to appear “everywhere” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming years. Furthermore, when Cox is done with…

Moon Knight Brings More Of Wanda’s Chaos Magic In The MCU

The official trailer of Moon Knight reveals how Marc Spector will deal with “chaos” and the outcomes of his alter-egos.

Avengers 5 Leak Shows Superheros Gearing Up For Secret Wars

In a latest, rumors of Avengers 5 are making rounds within the MCU fandom. And the event will be none other than Secret Wars.

Morbius Teases Marvel-Sony’s Sinister Six Crossover After No Way Home

After Spider-Man: No Way Home, Morbius lead Jared Leto teases a “sinister” intent on behalf of all the Marvel villains.

Tom Cruise’s Iron-Man Variant To Step Into Robert Downey Jr’s Shoes

A new fan-art has added sparks to the rumor that Tom Cruise will don the Iron-Man suit in the upcoming Doctor Strange 2.

Ben Affleck To Reprise Daredevil In Doctor Strange’s Multiverse Of Madness

It seems like Marvel Studios have recognized the untapped potential in The Tender Bar actor Ben Affleck as he confirms to hang his Bat cowl after Andy Muschetti’s The Flash. The studio has approached the superhero veteran to return as…