Marvel’s Eternals Teaser Confirms Death Of One Major Character

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unforeseen disaster causes The Eternals to emerge from the darkness to face humanity’s oldest foe, The Deviants. Marvel Studios recently unveiled their MCU Phase 4 teaser, ‘See you at the movies.’ The teaser…

Wakanda Forever: Killmonger’s Return To Shuri’s Ascension Everything You Need To Know

Wakanda Forever The unprecedented success of Marvel’s 2018 Black Panther movie at the box office and in movie theatres across the world was the first of its kind. Picking up three Oscars along the way, there was no doubt that…

Marvel Erased Brie Larson’s Name From Captain Marvel Sequel

The Marvels is the title of the sequel to Brie Larson’s 2019 box-office smasher Captain Marvel Marvel Studios released a teaser video with new footage earlier this week, detailing its upcoming shows in Phase 4 and beyond as well as…

Not Sam Wilson But John Walker To Lead Avengers As Captain America

If we go by the Marvel comics, John Walker AKA US Agent might join a new team of superheroes in the MCU. Here’s what Marvel history beholds.

Wakanda Forever To Fantastic FOur – 8 Key Takeaways From Marvel’s Phase 4 Trailer

The new MCU Phase 4 trailer with Stan Lee’s voiceover in the background gave us goosebumps. Here’s more about all that upcoming in the MCU.

10 Most Underrated Marvel Characters To Watch Out For In MCU Phase 4

Here, the most underrated Marvel characters that complete the MCU It was not just core Avengers who saved the world when Thanos invaded; they just stole the limelight. Many other names made the survival of the planet possible, which made…

Loki Variant: What It Means In The Upcoming Loki Show

The upcoming Loki series will bring a Loki variant to the forefront. But, now the question is will it be just one new Loki or more than one?

Shang-Chi’s Mandarin Is Zheng Zu In The MCU

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will show the real Mandarin for the first time in the MCU. Here’s more on it.

Anthony Mackie’s Captain America 4 Leads MCU Into A Civil War Sequel

With Captain America 4 in development, many doors are open for Marvel to move forward. Here are some great comics storylines they can use.

Deadpool Demanded A Wolverine Crossover, Kevin Feige Rejected

Ryan Reynolds’ career has been on an upward trajectory since Deadpool, meanwhile, Hugh Jackman has quit doing blockbuster movies after retiring as Wolverine in Logan. But is there an alternate reality where the long-awaited Deadpool and Wolverine crossover would actually…