The legend of Shang-Chi and Terror of the 10 Rings: Iron Ant Suit?

When Marvel chief announced the next for its Cinematic Universe, Shang-Chi is one of the chief movies coming to Phase 4. The MCU introduced Ten Rings as a Terror group pursuing take over the world. Thus becoming Tony Stark’s nemesis in the first instalment, the legend is left out.

Captain Marvel is going dark and she’ll kill a fellow Avenger – But which one?

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has chosen a dark path in a new comic series, and she’ll kill at least one

Captain Marvel coming out with a gay superhero in MCU, meet Hulkling

Captain Marvel comics have many characters that are queer, and one of them is going to debut on-screen: Hulkling. While the fans of Marvel…

Wolverine is the saviour of The New Mutants – MCU upcoming

Hugh Jackman is best known as Logan, the mutant marvel Wolverine coming to MCU and here is what you should be excited about. Speculation as to who is going to play the role of this iconic mutant is rife. Many…

TaskMaster in Black Widow coming to MCU

Black Widow is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans can be absolutely sure of this: Taskmaster is coming. We are yet to see Taskmasters role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet and many may not even know about…

The Split of Phoenix Force and Vicious X-Men vs Avengers

The final showdown between the two largest teams of Marvel, we see no bargains being made. Starting where we left off, Avengers, X Men and the entire planet Earth is in trouble. We are facing a massive threat to our…

Brie Larson didn’t get a bigger role in Avengers so that Iron Man could kill Thanos

‘Marvel’ in Captain Marvel’s name gives a clear idea of how powerful her character is. Did the production fear she…Brie Larson Avengers role

Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness: Saving Galactus

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme; this does not imply that he has all the powers and knowledge of magic in the world already. That would be crazy and can easily turn destructive in no time. Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness;…

Why Marvel is reluctant to film LGBT Superheroes?

Twilight star Kristen Stewart recently revealed how she was told to keep her sexuality under wraps to get a role with Marvel. Is the MCU only interested in keeping a ‘straight’ profile for its superheroes and their fans?

Oh My God, He’s just a Boy!

Spiderman and his secret identity have always amazed the people in Marvel’s universe, but there have been many instances when..