DC beats Marvel in its own Game of Comicbook Warfare

It’s no longer possible to imagine cinema without superheroes, and it’s all to more than half a century old rivalry between

Spider-Sense: The Secret behind Peter Parker’s Superhuman Power

Marvel Comics has revealed the truth about Spider Man’s spider-sense which lets him sense imminent danger. Spider-Man

Iron Man returns to the MCU sooner than expected

Black Widow is expected to release on 1st May 2020. It looks like we will see Iron Man returning to Marvel Cinematic

Thanos’ son holds all in his hands: Revenger or Avenger?

Thane is the son of Thanos, his last biological child kept a secret from him. Marvel Phase IV’s upcoming movie, ETERNALS could hold the key to unlocking the phenomenon of this mysterious character. This is a character of immense strength, half inhuman and half Titan.

Here is why Thanos needed to kill himself in Avengers: Endgame

Thanos, the Mad Titan portrayed by Josh Brolin is a fantastic character. Marvel fans and critics alike want to see more of him in the MCU. But he dies in Avengers: Endgame. He kills himself.

Hulk-Spider Man Camaraderie to lead Avengers in the next MCU movie

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back for the next movie in MCU and this time the Hulk will be joining him. It looks like Tom Holland is back in action for Spider-Man’s next movie.  According to the recent reports, Sony…

Falcon and Winter Soldier: The leap without Cap is a mistake

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan starrer ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ is coming to Disney Plus platform in 2020. Apart from the title being a lie, Marvel Studios don’t have a script ready yet. Avengers: Endgame changed everything about the Marvel…

Marvel Superheroes who turned into Supervillains

In the Marvel Universe, many heroes have fallen into despair, rage or even madness and once-proud heroes descend further onto the path of evil. Marvel Studios always tries to give their fans something different by keeping the Superheroes walk on…

Loki Unleashed gives the god of mischief mystical powers

The next comic, Loki: Unleashed gives him enormous mystic abilities on top of all that he already possesses; will the Avengers win?

Marvel Villains that turned Heroes

Marvel Comics’rich storytelling and impressive character building has made the company’s iconic characters grow and change.