Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Vs The X-Men Set For MCU Phase 5

Marvel Studios could explore using Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to kill off some X-Men in his usual nonchalant hilarious manner for the MCU The Fox and Disney deal paved way for the debut of some exciting characters into the Marvel Cinematic…

Neither Brie Larson Nor Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr’s MCU Heir Is Letitia Wright

Robert Downey Jr defined the superhero genre with his portrayal of Iron Man in the past decade. While there are speculations about his successor no one knows for sure who might bring back the arrogant genius

Sounds Like Chris Hemsworth Still Has A Lot Of Drunk Thor Scenes Left

Natalie Portman reprising her role in Thor: Love and Thunder As Female Thor is something fans are looking forward to but it might also be her only MCU appearance

Marvel Invites Charlie Cox’s Daredevil To Save Tom Holland’s MCU Future

Daredevil will soon be free of Netflix to return home to Marvel, which means he can help Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man 3

Brie Larson Led Phase 4 Proves That Marvel Had Planned Inclusivity Long Ago

LGBTQ representation always mattered in the MCU, while the studio planted the seeds long ago they are coming to fruition now vis various characters

Losing Spiderman To Tom Holland Devastated Asa Butterfield: Revealed The Sex Education Famed Actor

Asa Butterfield, better known as Otis of ‘Sex Education’, remembers how he felt when he lost the role of ‘Spiderman’ to Tom Holland.

MCU Moves On From Scarlett Johansson — Replaces Black Widow With Chloe Bennet’s Quake

While Black Widow’s solo outing is yet to be featured in the MCU, seems like Marvel Studios have found a replacement of the deadly spy in Agent of Shield’s Agent Daisy Johnson aka Quake After Marvel Studios absolved Marvel Television…

Tom Hiddleston To Make A Tough Choice Between Marvel’s Mini-Series Loki And British Drama The Night Manager Season 2

Given a choice between ‘Loki’ and ‘The Night Manager’ Tom Hiddleston finds himself in a conundrum- one that will land him up with riches either way. Which one will it be? Tom Hiddleston is definitely an actor in high demand.…

Michael Fassbender’s Magneto To Pick Up Thor’s Hammer In Love And Thunder

There are many rumours and theories about mutants entering the MCU however, Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg has the perfect idea for Magneto and Thor crossover

Avengers Needs Deadpool To Kill Off Fox’s Marvel Universe

What If… In Deadpool 3 Wade Wilson Kills all the Fox’s Marvel characters? Apparently, there’s a plan for foul-mouthed mercenary’s debut

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