Loki Revealed That Everything In The MCU Is A lie

The conclusion of ‘Loki’ raised numerous issues, including if Kang was to blame for ‘The Infinity Saga’. Here is what ‘Loki’ director Kate Herron has to say about it. Keep reading to find out. ‘He Who Remains’, Loki’s Kang variation,…

Marvel Studios Hawkeye Trailer Promises an Action-packed Christmas

The latest Hawkeye trailer shows both Hawkeye and Kate Bishop and how Hawkeye’s past shows up right in the middle of Christmas.

Killmonger Is The New Black Panther

In the sixth episode of Marvel Studios What If, Erik Killmonger saves Tony from the Ten Rings in Afghanistan.  But does this make Tony safe?

MCU’s Blueprint To Bring Back Netflix Characters

Not only Matt Murdock’s Daredevil but also the Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Kingpin from Netflix will make their MCU debut The remarkable trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to amuse fans and speculators. MCU’s hawk-eyed fans continue to watch…

Tom Holland Kicked Out Marvel Announces A New Spiderman

In the latest from the MCU, we have a new Spider-Man among us and the possibility of the return of Captain America to the big screen.

Scared Of Being Fired, Brie Larson Prepares For Captain Marvel 2 With Massive Weights

Brie Larson is not sure if Marvel bosses will let Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel survive in MCU. Brie returns to the shared universe with the sequel project ‘Captain Marvel 2‘ but is more terrified than excited. Larson wants to…

The Eternals Rip-off Henry Cavill’s Superman

While the MCU is a far better planned, coherent and successful universe than DC’s failed DCEU, there are some things that Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder did with their trilogies of DC films which continue to inspire the next generation…

Robert Pattinson To Be Fired From The Upcoming Batman Movie

It is being speculated that Matt Reeves is done with Robert Pattinson’s tantrums on sets and wants him erased from all forthcoming Batman movies. Let’s find out more. One of the most anticipated superhero films, ‘The Batman’, has become victim…

Marvel Studios What If: MCU Goes ‘I Am Legend’

In the 5th episode of Marvel Studios What If, the Avengers face a zombie apocalypse. It is up to the remaining few to save the planet.

Spider-Man 3 Leaked Dialogues Reveal Most Important Plot Points

The leaked dialogues of Spider-Man: No Way Home reveal more about what we can expect from the movie. And it’s overwhelming.