Battlestar Isn’t A Captain America Parody But Marvel’s Naive Attempt At Colored Roleplay

John Walker and Battlestar in Falcon and Winter Soldier seem to be no less than a very serious parody of Captain America and Falcon. Is it for real?

Even After Tainting, Steve Roger’s Sheild And Legacy John Walker Isn’t Evil

Falcon and Winter Soldier forces us to think if Captain America, and the symbol that he is, would be so without the super-soldier serum.

Fans Were Right To Hate The New Captain America John Walker

The 4th episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier gets deep inside the super-soldier-serum havoc and the very symbol of Captain America.

7 Celebrity Cameos In The Upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder

For Thor: Love and Thunder, director Taika Waititi is including famous names in cameo roles As Marvel Studios continues to make progress on its movie projects, one project with particularly interesting news is the next instalment in the Thor Franchise.…

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Tesases Bucky Is About To Assemble Thunderbolts

With so much to find out, Sam and Bucky leave no stone unturned to find out more about the super-soldiers. And their contact is Baron Zemo.

Falcon and Winter Soldier’s Commentary On Racial Representation Is Clever Yet Immature

TFATWS is MCU’s method to go beyond its superhero storyline into a social commentary on Racism. But is able to achieve what it wants?

Real Reason Why Emily Blunt Won’t Be Playing Sue Storm in MCU’s Fantastic Four

Emily Blunt has reasons close to her heart for turning down MCU’s Fantastic Four

Falcon and Winter Soldier Brings Out America’s Racist History

Episode 2 of Falcon and Winter Soldier brings us face to face to Isaiah Bradley. In the comics, he is the first Black Captain America.

Why Sam Is Wrong About Aliens, Androids And Wizards

Sam Wilson’s words in episode 2 of Falcon and Winter Soldier, about aliens, androids, and wizards, aren’t true and it is actually the other way around.

Sam And Bucky Brings Another Civil War To MCU

Free agents and Government-sponsored heroes in Falcon and Winter Soldier may have for us another impending Civil War in MCU Phase 4.