Why Superheroes Lose The Oscar Race

No Oscar for No Way Home at least in this universe ‘When did we decide the best picture has to be serious?’ Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel recently asked the question that avid moviegoers have been wondering about for ages.…

Ben Affleck Becomes The Nostradamus Of Hollywood: Everything Will Fail Except Marvel

As independent movies struggle to attract audiences at the box office, Ben Affleck believes movie theaters will soon be reserved only for Marvel blockbusters and franchise films. Movies have struggled to succeed in the box office ever since the Covid-19…

After The Irishman, This Is Why Robert De Niro And Al Pacino Will Never Star In A Film Together

Just when the world was getting ready to watch the most awaited film Irishman, Robert De Niro proclaimed that the trio of Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino and himself would never ever come together again. 17- When De Niro was asked…

Why Is Margot Robbie Hiding Her Pregnancy From The World?

Australian actress Margot Robbie was spotted covering herself with large coats. While this would be a harmless attire choice for any other person, with Robbie hiding her shape, it has led to claims that the actress might be pregnant. But…

Matt Damon’s Biggest Career Failure Is Because Of A DC Role

Matt Damon auditioned for a coveted role from the DC comics but was unsuccessful in grabbing it both times. Matt Damon has enjoyed a marvellous career. Perhaps, the only thing missing from his filmography are credits for a superhero film.…

Mulan’s Release Throws Spotlight On Controversial Sino-Disney Relationship

China’s gag on media coverage and global calls for boycott have made Disney’s Mulan the most politically consequential movie of 2020.

From Mickey Rourke’s Provocations To Robert De Niro’s Snubs — Inside Hollywood’s Longest-Running Cold War

Up until a few days ago, no one had an inkling that Hollywood stalwarts Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke had, for the past 33 years, been nursing their own dormant grudges and issues until Mickey Rourke threatened The Godfather actor in an Instagram post.

Everything You Need To Know About Irishman 2: Cast, Release Date And Storyline

WithThe Irishman’s success, fans hope to see more of Frank Sheeran’s life through Martin Scorsese’s lense. But will there be The Irishman 2?

Robert De Niro bids farewell to Hollywood: ‘The Irishman’ his last masterpiece

Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ saw Robert De Niro give one of his best performances… and apparently it is his last film…

Insecure Jennifer Aniston joins Scorsese’s Cinematic War against Marvel

Suddenly the world is against superhero movies. After Scorsese’s “Marvel is not cinema” Jennifer Aniston is also not highly inspired by MCU