Mars Hackathon, organized by Filecoin, IPFS, and Polygon, launched in India to empower developers with robust decentralized storage solutions

‘Mars Hackathon’ aims to strengthen and enhance the developer ecosystem in India  Winners of this two-month-long hackathon to gain incentives worth $30K Filecoin, an innovative open-source cloud storage network in association with Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a unique peer-to-peer storage…

Biden’s Economic Blues, Schrodinger’s Cat On Mars & Snyder’s Zombies On Netflix — The World This Week

From Covid-19 outdoing Southeast Asia’s A-grade response to Meghan and Harry’s latest jibe at Queen Elizabeth –– the top developing news stories from around world this week.

Mars Has Lots Of Water, Man Has His Lemons. So, Is ‘Lemonade’ Possible?

No, we ain’t talking about the drink. Neither is it about Beyonce’s highly successful studio album. We’re talking about the scope and grandeur of the implications that arise from the recent findings on the Red Planet.

5 Questions NASA’s Perseverance Rover Will Answer About Man’s Future On Mars

Third time lucky, NASA’s Mars Rover ‘Perseverance’ is expected to undertake groundbreaking research that will be crucial to terraforming the Red Planet.

The Expanse Expands And Goes Into Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Cast

The sci-fi web series ‘The Expanse’ is all set for Season 5. Here’s everything you need to know about the return of the show. Scroll down! Over the last four years, ‘The Expanse‘ has proved its mettle as true blue…

NASA’s Insight Lander finds Unusual Soil Conditions on Mars

Scientists at NASA discovered that InSight Lander’s mole which is dug inside Mars has backed out half-way of its hole. The initial assessments point towards unusual soil conditions on the planet. NASA’s InSight Lander for Mars is designed as a…

Earth and Mars come face-to-face in an epic battle with Sun

28 August- Mars’ Solar conjunction with Earth begins. In essence, Earth and Mars will be on the opposite side of the sun. That means Mars won’t be visible from the Earth for some time. “We won’t be commanding the spacecraft…

Earth is valued at a Colossal $6,873,951,620,979,800

The weather and the roads are not always agreeable but our planet is the best in the Milky Way Galaxy street. The earth has a colossal price tag on it with all its resources. One astrophysicist has come up with a…

Meet the woman who is helping NASA realising it’s MARS ambitions

Kathleen Howell is developing potential orbits around a Lagrange point.

Akshay Kumar unveils poster of ‘Mission Mangal’, true story of India’s march into Mars

Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar unveiled the first poster of the much-awaited film ‘Mission Mangal’. The intriguing poster shows the entire cast of the film.