US Cannabis Industry To Be Worth $100bn By 2030 — Massive Support Paves Bright Future

Experts project “high” expectations for MJ industry in the decade to come. Marijuana industry is swiftly pacing ahead to become mainstream in the U.S., thanks to the lawmakers. 18 states along with Washington have already legalized recreational cannabis for adults…

Shackled by Conservative Policy, Industrial Hemp’s Multi-Billion Dollar Potential Is Up In Smoke

Isn’t capitalizing on multi-billion dollar economic potential and opportunities presented by Cannabis Sativa and its byproducts as Industrial Hemp wise for India?

Marijuana Legalization: What the 2020 US Election means for a Pothead?

Marijuana legalization has emerged as a ‘smoking hot’ issue and each of the four frontrunners is now formulating their stand around the issue before 2020 Presidential Elections. So, if you’re a pothead, who should your vote go to… We explain.