David Ayer Hopes To Release The Ayer Cut But Will WB Take The Risk

The release of Snyder Cut has made Suicide Squad director David Ayer hopeful for his cut to be acknowledged but will WB take the risk?

Pirates Of The Caribbean Back As A Spin-off With Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is setting sail to arrive in a whole new world, in her own ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ spin-off! In June last year, Disney announced that the nearly 20-year-old beloved ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise will be returning with…

Suicide Squad: James Gunn’s ‘Horribly Beautiful Mind’ Does Justice To DC Villains

The Suicide Squad is a 70’s themes Task Force X mission featuring an iconic DC villain The new red band trailer for DC’slatest offering The Suicide Squad is out and by the looks of it, is a classic James Gunn…

Harley Quinn Myths Busted: Jared Leto Pulled A Dead Animal Prank On Margot Robbie

Why did Jared Leto gift Margot Robbie a dead rat? Let’s find out what Jared Leto has to say! The 2016 ‘Suicide Squad‘ was one of the most talked-about movies during that year. Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’ too generated a lot…

Margot Robbie Awaits Poison Ivy Face-off In Birds of Prey Sequel

‘Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey’ left people with very high expectations for the next movie. With the rumour mills churning out stuff about the possible plot points, could Poison Ivy become the prime choice for the new film’s villainess? ‘Harley…

Margot Robbie Wins ‘The PWI Most Beautiful Woman In The World’ Award 2020

Her selfless attitude towards upliftment of the downtrodden primes her as a future legend and makes her a well-deserved face in the league of Modern Icons and among DKODING’s Most Beautiful Women In The World 2020!

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020 — Modern Icons

8 Rising Stars who are shaping our world — Future legends, these women are bold, compassionate and unwavering. That’s how we define the of their beauty: The PWI League of Modern Icons.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020

20 women who didn’t conform to stereotypes, and in doing so, inspired millions like them to live a life by their own example — PWI Most Beautiful Women in the World 2020.

Reinventing Diana In The Crown: Netflix Sends Elizabeth Debicki On Mission Impossible

The actress, who shot to overnight fame in the role of Hugh Laurie’s girlfriend Jed in Susanne Bier’s The Night Manager, and who appears in the soon-to-be-released Christopher Nolan film Tenet, will play the Princess of Wales in the final two seasons of the popular series, which are expected to cover the rise of the Princess, the collapse of her relationship with Prince Charles, and her subsequent death in a Parisian tunnel while traveling in a high speeding car alongside her alleged lover Dodi Al Fayed in 1997.

Margot Robbie Will Join Hands With Johnny Depp For The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Film

Disney plans to mix things up a bit with their new reboot of Pirates of The Caribbean with the return of Johnny Depp and an all-female cast led by Margot Robbie