Sexist Or Just Realistic: What Was Mad Men All About?

‘Mad Men’ is charged with being inherently misogynistic under the disguise of retelling stories of sexist sixties. How true is this accusation, let’s unravel. Don Draper led ‘Mad Men’ was chillingly sexist, misogynistic, and suffocating on every episode count. Here’s…

The Wait Is Over! Mad Men Season 8 Release Date Confirmation

Mad Men as a series earned recognition from the critics and audiences alike. It also went on to win numerous awards. Along with critical

Dramatic Drop In Revenue Pushes AMC To Reboot Mad Men For Season 8

After Reese Witherspoon’ reboot application, now AMC has placed a huge bet by renewing the old series, Mad Men, for season 8 to reverse the trend of the network’s plunging revenue. Once upon a time, AMC took the best bet…

Binge On Bikini: Mad Men Star January Jones Reluctantly Unveils Everything

Mad Men’s Betty Draper, actress January Jones is making the most out of quarantine as she has opened up all the doors to her bikini wardrobe.

Yes, It’s Happening! Mad Men Season 8 Release Date Confirmation

Some things are worth waiting for and Mad Men Season 8 is definitely one of them. The American period drama television series premiered in 2007. Since then, Matthew Weiner (creator of the series) has given us seven seasons with the…

Season 8 Of Mad Men Will Be The Maddest Season Of All

Some things are worth waiting for, and if you’re really a Mad Men fan, you know that this show is one of