Keanu Reeves In The Upcoming John Wick Will Be More Daring And Thrilling Than Ever Before

After helming three blockbuster hits in the ‘John Wick’ franchise, Keanu Reeves is set to return for the third film which is expected to be the most enthralling ‘John Wick’ movie so far. Keep reading to find out more! The…

Mad Max Actress Is Finalised But Hasn’t Met The Director Yet

Anya Taylor Joy’s stars are shining brightest these days. As she is drawing praises for ‘Last Night in Soho’, she is already selected for the most iconic role of her career yet. She will play a young Furiosa in the…

Tom Hardy’s ‘Secret James Bond Deal’ To Replace Daniel Craig Starts In 2021

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Mad Max Wasteland theory: George Miller is lying to us all

The Mad Max movie rumoured ‘Wasteland’ is long overdue today and fans grow impatient with every passing day. The storyline, the world that Max lives in resonates with the scheme of things today.

MAD MAX director George Miller reveals plans for two sequels

Four years have passed since the release of the brilliant nightmarish Mad Max: Fury Road came out. Excitement has peaked as the Australian director revealed that the show isn’t over yet. George Miller plans on making the Mad Max into…