Jeff Bezos Isn’t Just Stepping Down As CEO But Selling Amazon Shares Too

The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos is constantly making headlines that are driving global giants to anticipate his next big move. Be it his divorce announcement in January or his stepping down as Amazon’s CEO by the end of this year. What future plans does he really have?

Divorce and Recession conspire to take away Jeff Bezos’ ‘World’s Richest’ title

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos lost his title as the richest man in the world during after-hours trading on Thursday, after his e-commerce behemoth reported lackluster third-quarter earnings.

Richer: Jeff Bezos by shares and MacKenzie Bezos by heart

Jeff Bezos has been able to retain control of Amazon after a public divorce with MacKenzie Bezos. The reason for the richest couple in the world parting ways – Jeff Bezos‘ extramarital affair with TV Star Lauren Sanchez.

Infidelity comes cheap for ‘Jeff Bezos’

World’s richest divorce – the story comes together. ‘MacKenzie Bezos’ gives charity to the richest person in the world ‘Jeff Bezos’ HEAD SHOT The Bezoses announced their divorce settlement via twitter with Jeff Bezos keeping majority of his stake and…

World’s Richest Divorce – ’69 Billion Dollars’

Hurricane Lauren brings Amazon boss to his knees The divorce is expected to alter the global wealth rankings. Jeff will lose his number 1 ranking among the world’s richest men, while MacKenzie will become the world’s richest woman.  Jeff’s affair…