Dkoding Policies: Right to Information and does it still exist?

Amid exemplary but hurried efficiency, the latest session of Parliamentary legislation passed amendments to the RTI Act, 2005 which upholds the citizens right to information from the government they elected. We analyse the amendment and where it leaves the policy.

What has Sunny Deol done that could cost him Lok Sabha seat?

Movie star and BJP MP from Gurdaspur (Punjab), Sunny Deol is under the EC’s scanner for spending more than the set limit during his election campaign. Disqualification of Sunny Deol will give the MP seat to Congress’ Sunil Jakhar. Actually,…

Criminal Candidacy: The other majority in Lok Sabha

Candidates with criminal records is not uncommon in India’s elections; but the persistent growing trajectory is alarming.

Rahul Gandhi to quit Politics?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi not only publicly conceded defeat but has reportedly turned in his resignation from the leadership position in congress.

Modi Wave electrifies India again

Early counting suggests BJP is not just holding ground but ravaging across states. Here are 10 major takeaways from early phase of counting.

DKODING the next PM: 4 Scenarios for Tomorrow

Most exit polls claim NDA majority with 300+ seats, but a handful samples can’t gauge the pulse of India – Here are the possibilities. The suspense is going to end tomorrow. Exit polls say NDA will have an easy win…

The Unpredictables: Key states misjudged by exit polls

Most exit polls suggest strong NDA victories against regional powers in key states – but pollsters might have misjudged the public sentiment.

Are 2019 exit polls Déjà vu from 2004?

All exit polls opine that Narendra Modi will retain the top office in 2019; but with a reduced tally from 337 in 2014 to 300… but the pollsters have been wrong in the past.

Star Power and Caste Power: The Duels of Delhi

Clean water, affordable housing and healthcare are complimented by caste and star power in the national capital.

Those contesting 37, 38 seats aspiring to be PM: Yogi on Mahagathbandhan

Those contesting 37, 38 seats aspiring to be PM: Yogi on Mahagathbandhan Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday hit out at ‘Mahagathbandhan‘, saying that their leaders aspire to become Prime Minister, even as they are contesting on just…