A Guide To Having Pink Soft Lips Naturally

Natural Pink Lips Guide: Now, There’s absolutely no excuse to not have pink, soft lips. We all do want a beautiful pout and without any extra efforts, every day.  While picking a lipstick can be a daily dilemma, what if…

National Lipstick Day: see what your lipstick is capable of!

National Lipstick Day is here and what’s more exciting to celebrate!

5 Steps To Get A Lip Job Without A Lip Job

Thin lips and gone broke? Can’t afford a lip job? No worries ladies, now there’s more you can do with your lips then just an expensive job (nope not that one silly…that job is free…winks!)

What does your lip shade say about you?

No longer bound by the need to select our lip palette according to our choice of clothes, these are the times to experiment and be crazy gaga in our lip shade choices. Deciding the colour to our pout is now…